Unclaimed Property

About Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed property is money held by Reliable Life Insurance Company which may be payable to you under the terms of an insurance contract, including but not limited to claim payments, policy pay outs, premium refunds and commissions. This money may be unclaimed for various reasons, such as when there has been a change of address or contact information and we have been unable to locate the owner.



What to do if you believe you are the owner of Unclaimed Property

If you believe you are the owner of unclaimed property being held by us, or are acting on behalf of someone who does, and would like us to investigate please provide us with the following information and a Reliable Life Insurance Company representative will contact you within 4 to 6 weeks:

  • First and last name
  • Current mailing address, telephone number and email address
  • Relationship to owner, if acting on behalf of someone else
  • Type of unclaimed property (claim, policy pay out, commission)
  • Type of policy (life, accident and health, travel)
  • Policy number, if known
  • Unclaimed property amount, if known


Please send your request to:
Attention: Compliance
Reliable Life Insurance Company
Box 557, 100 King Street West
Hamilton, ON
Canada L8N 3K9

Toll free 1-800-465-0661

You can email us at compliance@reliablelifeinsurance.com.

You can fax us at 905-551-1702


Unclaimed Property Legislation

The provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have regulations requiring the holders of unclaimed property to make reasonable efforts to locate and contact their rightful owners, if the last known address was in one of the provinces noted above.

For more information on provincial requirements for unclaimed property, please visit your provincial government website:

  • Revenu Québec, Register of Unclaimed Property
  • Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Unclaimed Property
  • British Columbia Unclaimed Property Society, Search for Unclaimed Property