About Us

Reliable Life Insurance Company ("Reliable Life") is a Canadian federally licensed life insurance company, with our head office in Hamilton, Ontario. Reliable Life has been providing insurance solutions for Canadians since 1887.

Reliable Life, along with our sister company, Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada (Old Republic Canada), have been providing superior insurance solutions for Canadians since 1887. We have focused on being an industry leader in the underwriting of long haul trucking insurance and also specialize in the manufacturing and administering of customized, private-label products for distributors of travel, student accident, and disability.

Old Republic Canada and Reliable Life encompass the entire Canadian operations of Old Republic International Corporation ("ORI" on the New York Stock Exchange) - one of the 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations in North America. Serving many of America’s leading industrial and financial service companies, they have consolidated assets of approximately $18.5 billion (as of January, 2017). Old Republic International also has one of the best reputations in the industry as a long-term growth company. Its subsidiaries market, underwrite and provide risk management services for a wide variety of coverages, principally in the property and casualty, mortgage guaranty and title insurance fields. Their mission is to provide quality insurance security and related services to businesses, individuals, and public institutions and be a dependable long-term steward of the trust that policyholders and shareholders place in them. For more information on Old Republic International, please visit their website at www.oldrepublic.com.